The Blind Bolt

Our clients are constantly devising new demands, uses and applications for the incredibly versatile Blind Bolt.


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We meet this demand by manufacturing a range of different sizes, all designed to save time and money.The blind fixings which existed before the Blind Bolt have been rendered obsolete by the innovative solutions it offers.

Hollow Wall Fixings the Blind Bolt
Steel Blind Fixing The Blind Bolt
Hollow Wall Fixing

The Blind Bolt Fixings

Its versatility and effectiveness mean that architects and builders can approach their work in entirely new ways, taking advantage of the ease with which they can now fix into a box section or girder cavity. It also allows clients to work simply and save time and, usually, money on their projects.We created the Blind Bolt and even we are amazed by the innovative ways in which our clients use it. Go to our news page to learn more about these new ideas and the products they’ve helped to inspire.

For detailed information on installation or removal, please view our Blind Bolt Installation and removal guide Blind Bolt Fitting Instructions

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