Materials Handling

Any system which is used for handling materials, such as airport luggage retrieval, racking systems and warehouse and storage, needs to be able to cope with factors such as dynamic loads and intense vibration.

As well as being robust enough to cope with this, the system in question also needs the versatility to be changed at very short notice.

Making use of Blind Bolts when creating a materials handling system means you can rely on the strength and flexibility they offer. The speed and simplicity of Blind Bolts helps to keep costs lower and construction periods shorter. It also means, since no welding is required, that changes to the systems in question can be made quickly and simply.

The storage in a warehouse may have to alter to make allowances for changes in the level of stock being shifted, for example, and Blind Bolts make it easy to do the work involved without disrupting wider working practices.

Materials Handling Warehouse Storage Systems

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