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The Story of the Blind Bolt Company

The story of the Blind Bolt Company began 8 years ago. It was born at the bottom of a garden in Gloucestershire, in the unlikely surroundings of a potting shed. The problem being grappled with was this – how do you attach a bracket to a box section? The solution to that problem eventually arrived in the shape of the Blind Bolt, a completely innovative type of fixing.

It took some trial and error and a degree of going back to the drawing board, but the eventual answer we came up with was, like all the best solutions, very simple but very clever. It involved a metal bar. The bar was threaded at one end and equipped with a toggle able to pivot from a slot in the bar and hold the bolt in place.

The versatility of this solution means that the Blind Bolt works effectively either horizontally or vertically and can be used as a fixing solution in a wide range of constructional cavities. It saves time and money on any kind of project because it’s so simple to operate. It can be applied in three easy steps – drill, rotate and tighten. No tools need to be used and no oversized holes have to be drilled. This means the Blind Bolt is the perfect solution when working at height or when access is restricted.

Blind Bolts are manufactured from High Tensile Steel and come in sizes running from M8 to M24 in diameter. The option of a Magni 560 type coating is available for when the bolts are to be used in a corrosive environment, offering an estimated 1,000 hours protection from salt spray. Particualr sizes of bolt are also available in highly corrosive resistant A4 Stainless Steel.

The effectiveness of Blind Bolts is reflected in the range of high profile engineering and construction projects which have featured their use. These include:

  • The Bull Ring Project in Birmingham - the largest building project in Europe
  • The new multi-million pound Walks Shopping Centre in Basingstoke
  • The Toyota Factory in Derby
  • Leeds railway station
  • The Equinox Project, Glasgow
  • Tay Bridge

Blind Bolts have also been used by British Waterways, Shell UK Ltd. and BP/Amoco Oil Production Co. The body which owns and operates the rail infrastructure throughout the UK, Network Rail, has approved Blind Bolts for use on the steel sleepers of tracks which carry trains running at speeds of up to 125mph.

We’re rightly proud of the quality and variety of people who’ve opted to make use of Blind Bolts. We appreciate that this choice is prompted by a unique combination of low costs and high performance. As demand increases we find ourselves supplying an ever wider range of industries, producing more bolts and seeing them utilised in a growing range of applications.

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