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The Heavy Duty Bolt (HD) is a shorter blind fixing which provides improved performance when the shear plane of the materials being fixed falls across the legs of a standard Blind Bolt.

A HD Bolt is the perfect solution when heavy weight steel sections need to be fixed in place. The straightforward activation process requires no specialist equipment, needing just a spanner and hammer to set the unique pin locking mechanism. Thanks to this, the Heavy Duty Bolt can save both time and money during installation.

Advantages of Using The Heavy Duty Bolt:

  • Installation is quick and simple
  • An oversized hole is not needed
  • The Geomet 500B coating offers 1000 hours of salt spray protection
  • Increased efficiency for any assembly
  • Unique pin locking activation


Heavy Duty Steel Bolt Fixings
Heavy Duty Bolt Fixings
Heavy Duty Fasteners

If you require solutions for a specific project then please contact us using the details given below. We’ll listen and set out just how using Blind Bolts could help you.For detailed information on installation, please view our Heavy Duty Bolt Installation guide, Heavy Duty Bolt Fitting Instructions.

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