The practical demands of turning the plans for a building into an actual structure can often make it impossible for designers and architects to fully pursue their vision.

Building materials and construction techniques, in particular, can stop a lot of innovative and exciting ideas becoming a reality. This is particularly likely to happen if the budget and timetable for a project impose further limitations.

Using Blind Bolts on a project can make a huge difference. As a fastening which is quick and simple to use in even the most inaccessible places, Blind Bolts make it easier to utilise features such as cladding and facades, curtain walls and visually striking external structures. They also mean that designers and architects can make use of visually pleasing components like hollow sections.

Architectural Sectors Blind Bolt
Architectural Sector Blind Bolt

Because they can be used without drilling extra holes or using special tools, Blind Bolts keep the cost of construction down, and so they can free up funds to be spent on distinctive architectural additions.

The fact that they offer a flexible solution is just one more reason why Blind Bolts are incredibly popular with architects and designers working on buildings such as shopping centres and visitors centres. Without going over budget or schedule, centres of this kind can be designed and built with the widest possible range of architectural features.

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