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Once the initial structure of a building has been completed, architects and builders have to tackle the job of installing all of the applications it needs. These can include the likes of suspended ceilings, pipework, HVAC systems, electrical equipment, elevators, cable management and sprinkler systems.

Work of this kind has to be carried out to extremely strict deadlines in order to render a building fully operational. As well as being done quickly, the installation has to meet all of the legal standards required, and be secure enough to stay fixed and operational with nothing more than regular planned maintenance.

Blind Bolts offer the perfect fastening solution for this kind of work.

The fact that they can be used without specialist tools means that systems and equipment can be installed quickly, and the simple Blind Bolt method – drill, rotate and tighten – enables work to be carried out in parts of a building that would normally be hard to access, and that disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

Blind Bolt Building Services

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