We pride ourselves on the quality and excellence of the Blind Bolt as a product, but perhaps even more impressive is the huge number of real world applications for which our clients utilise it. From hollow section bolts and heavy duty bolts to thin wall bolts and box section fixings, our blind fasteners are always being used in new and exciting ways. We distribute all over the world, so we know that there’s hardly a country where blind bolt fasteners aren’t changing the way people deliver design, engineering and building solutions.

It’s all about versatility, effectiveness and ease of use. Our hollow bolts operate in the widest possible range of situations and can be used as blind fixings without having to drill oversized holes or access specialised equipment. Difficult to reach sections of structures become easy fixes and the time saved can only have a positive impact on the bottom line of any project.

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Tasks such as fixing masonry support systems in place are simplified massively by the use of Blind Bolt fasteners and corrosive environments such as the surroundings of a marina won’t impact on their effectiveness in any way. We never stop searching for unique and innovative applications for our products, discovering or devising new ways of making life simpler and more productive for engineers, builders, architects and designers.

Explore the applications for blind fixings which we’ve highlighted, and we’re sure you’ll find the solution you’ve been looking for.

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Take a look through our range of applications and find the Blind Bolt solution you need.

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