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Blind Bolts are quick and easy to use and extremely versatile. All of this combines to produce a range of fixing solutions which save time and money for all our clients.

We stock a wide and varied range of products, and can even create bespoke solutions based upon your individual requirements.

The following are examples of the ways in which Blind Bolts have been effective across a range of sectors.

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Details of the ways in which Blind Bolts have been used are listed below.


Mastclimbers Ltd utilised Mastclimb M16x90mm Blind Bolts.

These bolts were used when working on the Equinox Project in the City of Glasgow. The Blind Bolt anchor system allowed mast climber platforms to be attached to the tubular steel framework without the use of conventional welding equipment.

This meant that the use of Blind Bolts generated a considerable saving of both time and money.


The Automatic Warning System (AWS) make a vital contribution to UK rail safety.

Blind Bolts have been certified by Network Rail as the method to be used when attaching AWS units onto all UK railway line sleepers. The M20 Blind Bolt was chosen by the signal and track engineers behind the design and installation of the AWS system. It was selected as the only method capable of attaching the AWS units without the use of welding.


Blind Bolts make it possible to install scaffolding without compromising access to buildings.

Blind Bolts provide a unique solution when scaffolding has to be attached to new build projects. The majority of projects featured the scaffolding being attached to the steel skeleton of a commercial or industrial unit. The Blind Bolts could be installed quickly and easily without impacting upon the existing framework of the building, thanks to the quick release anchor system and absence of welding.


The Tay Bridge was originally built in 1979 by Sir Thomas Bouch.

Contactors use Blind Bolts when carrying out maintenance on the Tay Bridge, which has currently been standing since 1887.Essential maintenance work on the Tay Bridge has to be carried out during a five hour window each night. Limited access prohibits the use of specialist tools, and so the engineers utilise M16, M20 and M24 Blind Bolts. These bolts can be used on the underside of the bridge without supportive scaffolding having to be used.


The demanding nature of marine environments means that the versatile and flexible Blind Bolt is often the perfect solution.

Blind Bolts offer a bespoke fixing solution in locations such as mooring points and harbours.

The unique one-sided fixing method means that Blind Bolts are ideal when fixing items to a range of materials from steel posts and grids to wooden decks.