What Materials Are Used in Dock Construction?

Blindbolt UK | 3rd December 2020

Blind Bolts For Docks

Marine Dock

In the marine industry, dock construction is vitally important. These areas are the connection between land and water, and due to their nature, they need to be strong, durable, and above all else, safe.

You might think this narrows their construction options, however, there are several materials that continue to be used successfully for dock pilings, each with their pros and cons. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any dock construction is how those materials are fitted together, with blind bolt fixings proving the safest and more secure option for marine pilings.


One option for dock pilings is to use natural materials, most often wood. Wood can be a particularly attractive option for those who want their dock to have a certain visual appeal, as it can blend in with the natural environment. Of course, untreated wood can rot in water and cause the dock itself to become unstable, so it’s important for any docks to be meticulously treated before installation. Hardwood options are a particularly sensible choice as they can hold up even better in water.


Concrete may not be as visually attractive as wood, but it certainly does its job well. The best use of concrete in docks is when it can be reinforced by steel girders to improve strength; when applied properly, the concrete is completely impervious to water, meaning it will not degrade and it also won’t impact on water quality.


A metal such as steel is the sturdiest, strongest option for any dock construction, which is why it’s often used for commercial docks and those within the marine industry. Fastened with blind bolt bold fasteners, the heavyweight and toughness of steel do a brilliant job providing a sturdy platform in the water that can withstand almost anything that gets thrown at it, from storms to the wear-and-tear of continual use. A dock built from steel cannot easily be moved or destroyed and as the properties of the steel itself protect it from corrosion and damage, very low maintenance is required.

Blind Bolts

Installing steel piles for docks, even as one of the best dock materials, can prove a tricky task. After all, these are heavy pieces of construction material, and part of the work needs to occur in the water itself in order to make the steel dock safe and secure. Blind bolts are a vital component for the marine industry to ensure that docks are made structurally sound.

The benefit of a blind bolt fixing is that it allows one-sided installation into steel in a fast, simple method. Many construction projects for marine docks may find access to the connection difficult, even fully unavailable. A blind bolt puts contractor safety first by allowing safe bolt installation from a single side of the steel material, giving a good structural connection in accordance with BS 5950. With blind bolt fasteners, construction workers are able to put together steel docking piles with minimal risk, creating a structure that is ultimately sturdy and safe.

Bolted Shut

Blind bolts are used in many different industries, demonstrating how important blind bolts are to the future of construction. At BlindBolt, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our blind fixings as well as looking at new avenues where our products can benefit different industries by helping to save time and money.

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