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Blindbolt UK | 8th March 2021

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Fastenings are used widely in several industries, including the construction industry, but some are better suited to certain projects than others. In this guide, we'll explore the differences between blind bolt fasteners and wire threaded inserts.

What Are Blind Bolts and Wire Threaded Inserts?

Blind bolts are structural fasteners, which are designed to provide superior strength, agility and flexibility than conventional bolts. Blind bolts are used widely within the manufacturing and construction industry as they offer solutions for projects and tasks that require strong, robust connections that cannot be provided by rivets or hex bolts. As well as this, blind bolts are versatile, they come in a vast range of sizes and they can be installed swiftly and seamlessly.

Wire-threaded inserts, also known as wire-thread fasteners, are threaded metal cylinders that can be installed into a pre-existing hole to provide a threaded pathway and are commonly used to create strong fastenings when working with softer metals in environments where there is a risk of exposure to changing temperatures and corrosion.

The Benefits of Blind Bolts and Wire Threaded Inserts

Both blind bolts and wire threaded fasteners offer benefits for manufacturers and construction companies, but they perform different roles. While both types of fasteners offer innovative solutions for joining and holding materials together, it's crucial to choose the right tool for the job.

The Benefits of Blind Bolts

The blind bolt fastener is recognised as one of the most exciting and impactful developments in the construction industry. Blind bolts offer superior strength and versatility to other types of fasteners such as lock bolts and they facilitate an easy and quick installation. With rapid blind bolt installation, construction companies can complete jobs faster while ensuring optimum quality.

The name blind bolt comes from the ability to place the bolt from one side. This makes blind bolt fixings an ideal option for working in areas where only one side is accessible. The unquestionable strength of blind bolts is one of the most significant advantages over other types of fastening options, these bolts can be used for a diverse range of projects across the construction, mining and automotive industries.

Benefits of Wire Threaded Inserts Compare?

Wire threaded inserts are designed for use in softer core materials, including metals such as aluminium. The pressure exerted by the bolt once it is placed inside a drilled hole secures the wire thread, creating a strong fastening that is resistant to a wide range of external and environmental threats, including changes in the temperature and weather conditions, corrosion and vibration. In addition to this, due to their proven reliability in high-stress situations, wire threaded inserts are regularly used within the aerospace industry as they ensure a strong connection that can outlast the strength of the parent material.

Which Fastening Is Best for My Project?

Blind bolts and wire threaded inserts offer different advantages, which means that one type of fastening is likely to be more suited to a specific project than another. One of the best-selling-points of blind bolts is their versatility.

These ultra-strong fastenings can be utilised across several industries, providing simple, swift installation and the ability to place fixings in areas with restricted access. Wire threaded inserts are less versatile and they tend to be reserved for more specific applications, which involve installing fastenings within softer metallic materials.

What to Take Away

Blind bolt fasteners and wire threaded inserts are among the most impressive and innovative types of fastening on the market. Blind bolts are incredibly strong, they are easy and quick to install and they are versatile. Wire threaded inserts are ideally suited to projects that involve soft metallic materials.

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